Pharmaceutical Solutions is committed to practising effective governance.

Our Directors are dedicated to overseeing the company's growth and success within a sound business structure and current industry environment.

The company values expertise and dedication in its employment of staff across the region.

The Executive team provides leadership to ensure the delivery of Excellence in Clinical Research services.


Processes and Procedures

Have confidence knowing that Pharmaceutical Solutions has excellent SOPs and review processes.

We are Audit Ready
  • We maintain regular training for staff to ensure all aspects of study and industry compliance
  • Experts at understanding local Australia and New Zealand requirements



Our Values are actively lived by the founders and the team, to support the behaviours we demonstrate in service delivery

Current Values

Pharmaceutical Solutions is about People

  • Collaborate and Encourage
  • Proudly Can Do
  • Supportive Team Culture

Pharmaceutical Solutions Delivers

  • Quality without Compromise
  • Integrity and Reliability
  • Customer Focused Commitment



Dedicated to Excellence in Clinical Research:

  • To Build Healthier Futures
  • To become the CRO of Choice across Asia Pacific



Making a difference by providing dedicated clinical research excellence, ensuring beneficial returns for our clients:

  • ECONOMIC : On time, On budget
  • FUNCTIONAL: Superior Quality
  • EMOTIONAL: Minimise Stress


Company Culture

Work with focused, enthusiastic and committed staff.

At Pharmaceutical Solutions we know how our staff feel about their work. We provide them with support and balance.

Knowing that you are engaging with a company that has a stable team ensures the quality delivery of your study.

What our staff said in our 2017 survey.

"The people. Everyone shares a common goal to give the customer the best journey possible."

"I love what Pharmaceutical Solutions stands for, they truly want you as an individual to succeed. You are made to feel valued and appreciated."

"Pharmaceutical Solutions is customer focused and employee friendly."

"There is an ongoing commitment to improve customer (both sponsor and sites) journeys."


Business Structure

Pharmaceutical Solutions robust flat business structure ensures business transparency.

Client Comment: "When we needed them, they were there, flexible with their time and with a Can Do Attitude"

Pharmaceutical Solutions understands that a strong structure supports competitive advantage for the customer and our businesses through:
  • Identifying the owners of the processes who deliver customer value
  • Rating staff fitness for responsibilities relative to their experience and capability
  • Providing support structures