Creative Solutions

Our can-do-attitude, collaboration and connection to the entire Australia and New Zealand region keeps your clinical trials on track

Clinical trials are complex, and things do not always go to plan. We are known for our creative problem solving and out-of-the-box solutions to resolve issues before they arise and meet your deadlines.

Remote Monitoring Capabilities During a Pandemic

Remote clinical monitoring within two days of lockdown

With a COVID-19 lockdown imminent, we prepared in advance for the possibility of remote monitoring. We knew it was vital to develop a system beforehand that would assure the continuity of all of our active trials. 

New to both us and the sites, we collaborated to roll out remote monitoring processes. Only two days after the lockdown began, we were successfully monitoring at site remotely. 

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Solving Issues

Going the extra mile to keep the trial on track

After bringing iPads into the country and distributing them to our sites on behalf of a global sponsor, we discovered severe connectivity issues with the devices.

Stressful for the elderly participants in the trial, and for the sponsor who was losing daily data, we hosted IT experts from Singapore and Japan to diagnose and fix the issue.

Our quick thinking meant we hit the sponsor’s deadline and delivered the results they needed.  

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Going Manual

Keeping a trial moving despite the lab’s systems being down

When the central laboratory in Europe responsible for processing a critical test to determine if participants could move on to the next stage of the study, was hit with a malware attack that took its systems offline, a rapid solution was required.

Sites could not log in and see which participants could stay in the trial.

To ensure the trial was not held up, we reverted to our manual process and delivered daily updates to the sites about who was eligible to continue in the trial.

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Getting Stuck In

Building and distributing our own lab kits

The company supplying the central laboratory kits for a trial was not going to meet the seasonably sensitive deadline for the trial to start, which would stop the study from happening in the region.

To ensure the trial was kept on track, PharmaSols took delivery of the lab kits' individual components from the central laboratory. We then built the lab kits from the various suppliers ourselves and distributed them to the sites in time.

This included working out a detailed process and QC check and organising the distribution and resupply of the lab kits at our trial sites.

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Australia and New Zealand

Our favourable time zones mean we can solve your problems while you sleep

Often we get problems or issues to solve from our clients at the end of their work day. 

Due to our time zone, we can work on these and have a solution ready for you when you get back into the office in the morning.

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