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Sites for clinical trials in Australia and New Zealand are ready to conduct your research

A billion dollar industry, every year over a thousand clinical trials are run across our region.

With a diverse population, world class research units experienced across a wide range of therapeutic areas and trial phases, high quality healthcare, opposite seasons to the Northern Hemisphere, and low transmission rates of COVID-19, Australia and New Zealand are ideal regions to conduct your clinical studies.

Business as Usual

Continuity during COVID-19

With low transmission rates of COVID-19, clinical trials in Australia and New Zealand are open for business as usual. 

During all levels of lockdowns across the region, we have proven strategies in place to ensure both the streamlined start-up of new studies and existing study continuity:

  • Clinical trials are classed as an essential service in both Australia and New Zealand
  • Sites have telemedicine, virtual, and remote capabilities
  • Hospitals and healthcare systems continue to operate at all alert levels
  • PharmaSols have proven remote monitoring SOPs to ensure study continuity and compliance
  • PharmaSols' regional and office based staff provide flexibility and reduce risk
  • Population distribution and geography of Australia and New Zealand allows for effective regional rather than nationwide lockdowns

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Expertise & Infrastructure

World class research hubs and facilities

Our region is home to some of the world's best researchers, health professionals, and high-quality clinical research sites. 

We boast a world class research infrastructure, a stable socio-political environment, and high ethical and regulatory standards, that ensures confidence in the scientific results reached by clinical trials conducted in Australia and New Zealand.


Diverse participant population

Whilst patient recruitment and retention is often a major issue for many regions, Australia and New Zealand have proven high participant recruitment and retention.

103% retention of the participant population.

[source: ANZCTR, Commercial Clinical Trials, completed, target vs actual end patient numbers stats 01/01/2015 - 31/12/2020]

Australia and New Zealand’s strong economies, skilled multilingual workforces and diverse populations make it an ideal clinical trial location.

Both Governments are supportive of clinical research initiatives and actively encourage the conduct of clinical trials.

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Rapid Start-up

Accelerated ethics and regulatory approval

Australia and New Zealand provide you with one of the fastest regulatory approval environments in the world. 

No US Pre-Investigational New Drug (IND) submission is required to initiate first-in-human clinical trials in Australia or New Zealand.

So, we can get your study to its first site initiation visit within 35 days.

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R&D Tax Incentives - making the region a cost effective solution

When you run your clinical trials in Australia and New Zealand, you can take advantage of research and development tax incentives – which can result in cash refunds of up to 43.5%.  

Compared to running your study in the US, the region is 39% more cost-effective before tax incentives and 60% after

[source: Medicines Australia(2014) Clinical Trial Metrics : benchmarking Australia's performance].

Southern Hemisphere

Seasonal Differences

Do not let the change of season slow your research down. 

You can conduct studies year-round by taking advantage of Australia and New Zealand’s opposite seasonality – ideal for extending or initiating your summer allergy trials or winter cold/flu and respiratory illness studies.

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