Occasionally a trial needs saving. PharmaSols has developed a lifeboat service to rescue these trials.

All trials run into issues – with some having more severe consequences than others. Poor patient recruitment, interrupted timelines, or pandemic restrictions and technical difficulties, are all too common problems for trials. However, PharmaSols have a solid track record of stepping in and rescuing global clinical trials. 

Rapid Response

Successfully picking up a trial only one week before the first SIV

A global CRO let their local CRO go just one week before the first site initiation visit was due to happen.

Our nimble approach and experienced team allowed us to complete the essential document collection and QC, finalise budgets, execute contracts and perform the first SIV within a week, on time and to a high quality.


Full Service Project Management

Outsourced Clinical Research

Regulatory Compliance

Quality Assurance

Rescue Studies

Proven Track Record in Rescuing Trials

Pre-study Feasibility

Call us to discuss your next study and how our regional expertise can ensure your trial is a success.

At no cost, we can prepare a draft proposal, outlining possible sites, estimated costs and do-ability in this region.