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The destination for your next clinical trial

Australia and New Zealand are the best places in the world for your clinical trials. They have a diverse population, world class research units experienced across a wide range of therapeutic areas and trial phases, high quality healthcare, opposite seasons to the Northern Hemisphere, and are largely unaffected by COVID-19.

Rapid Start-up

Study start-up can be achieved as quickly as 35 days

Our specialist start-up team can ensure that your ethics and regulatory approval, and first site initiation visit is achieved much faster than the industry standard. PharmaSols experience ensures the quality of your applications, preventing unnecessary approval delays.

Clever Problem Solving

Getting the job done

Clinical trials are complex, and things do not always go to plan. Our experienced team are known for their creative problem solving, clear communication, and out-of-the-box solutions to resolve issues before they arise and meet your deadlines.





Making a difference

From our clients, to our team, our research partners and research participants, people are at the heart of successful clinical trials. We are honoured to be part of integral research that improves health outcomes and makes a difference in people’s lives. This inspires our team each and every day.

Case Studies

"We have chosen to do many of our clinical trials in Australia and New Zealand because of the high quality of investigators, site staff and clinical research organisations (PharmaSols). They have a wonderful ‘can-do’ attitude which is really important for getting clinical trials done on time and on budget."

US Biotech Company

By obtaining ethics and regulatory approval and the first SIV in less than 35 days, as well as recruiting almost twice as many research participants as our global CRO partner, we easily met the client’s deadline.

Rapid Study Start-up and High Patient Recruitment

A US-based biotech company was seeking a CRO who could successfully recruit a large number of elderly participants in New Zealand. A challenge squeezed into a three-month recruitment window.

PharmaSols is the longest established, best connected, privately-owned Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) in the Pacific region.

About PharmaSols

Delivering better Clinical Trials

Smart, Agile, Solutions

We provide full-service clinical trial management for global and local clients, from start-up through to the Clinical Study Report, for all phases of clinical trials.

Based in Australia and New Zealand, our team has global experience with large pharmaceutical, medical device and Biotech organisations and expertise in a wide variety of therapeutic areas. We can work directly with you or alongside a global CRO.

Pre-study Feasibility

Flexible and versatile, we are leading the way in delivering better clinical trials.

Call us to discuss your next study and how our regional expertise can ensure your trial is a success.

At no cost, we can prepare a draft proposal, outlining possible sites, estimated costs and do-ability in this region.

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We are Finalists for the Amcham-DHL-Express 'Success and Innovation Awards Exporter of the Year to the USA' $1million to $10million!

The American Chamber of Commerce in New Zealand is pleased to announce the finalists for the 2021 AmCham-DHL Express Success and Innovation Awards, the 21st year of these awards celebrating success and innovation for companies doing business with the USA.

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The Key to Increasing Patient Retention in Clinical Trials

There are a lot of reasons a trial can be derailed, with poor patient retention being among one of the biggest struggles. It is natural for some patients to drop out, as study participation is voluntary. However, identifying the common reasons for participant drop out helps sponsors to address these issues to increase the patient retention rate.

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OUTSOURCING-PHARMA.COM _ Australia & New Zealand Appealing to Clinical Researchers: Greenphire

Thanks in part to swift COVID-19 response and relatively low infection rates, more sites and sponsors are looking at the region to locate their studies.

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