14 Mar

PharmaSols’ Global Team of Clinical Trial Experts

Clinical trials are complex and expensive, and the ability to keep a trial on track saves money, time, and resources for the sponsor. Each trial is unique, and things don’t always go to plan. CROs must have the expertise to manage any situation that arises. 

Having grown to be one of the leading CROs in Australia and New Zealand, PharmaSols directly attributes our success to the quality of our team. 

We have some of the best people in the industry working at PharmaSols. Our global team comprises of the right people, with the right attitude and capabilities, drawn from an ideal combination of scientific, academic, and operational understanding.

Our global team of experts have, on average, more than 20 years of industry experience across a wide variety of therapeutic areas. They have managed every aspect of clinical trials, across all phases, for large pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech organisations around the world. 

What to look for in a CRO partner

There are many factors that can lead to the derailment of a clinical trial. Your CRO partner shouldn’t be one of them.

When faced with many CRO options, the first step to narrowing them all down is choosing your trial’s location.

Australia and New Zealand is home to some of the best researchers, and high-quality research units, health professionals in the industry. The high-quality data that is generated in the ANZ region is accepted by all major international regulatory bodies, such as the FDA and the EMA. This means the data collected from your trial can then be used to support trials in their later phase anywhere in the world. This region’s streamlined ethics and regulatory application processes allow for rapid start-ups while also avoiding costly delays. 

While the benefits of running a trial in Australia or New Zealand are clear, it’s equally important to align with a CRO that has a thorough understanding of the region, its participant population, and different processes.

Often large global CROs seem like a safe CRO choice simply because of their size and full-service offering. 

One of the benefits of choosing a more boutique CRO like PharmaSols is that we have the specialised regional knowledge to successfully navigate the Australian and New Zealand clinical trial landscape and best achieve the rapid start-up timelines as well as patient recruitment milestones. We can leverage our established network in the region for any support required for your specific trial. PharmaSols also maintains a high level of interaction and focus on each clinical trial’s importance. Each trial has a dedicated project manager, along with constant senior management oversight, to deliver rapid and high-quality solutions.

At PharmaSols, our creative problem-solving, people-driven attitude and trusted network ensure that your timelines stay on track and meets your targets and expectations with confidence.

Can-do attitude, combined with experience and skills. The PharmaSols team is a team of experts, the right team of people to ensure the success of your clinical trial” - Jacquie Palmer, Managing Director

Trust us to provide creative solutions 

It takes experience and skill to apply out-of-the-box solutions when problems threaten to derail a clinical trial. We are known for our creative problem-solving and can often resolve issues before they arise, ensuring deadlines are met. 

Our team remain unfazed when faced with technical or medical challenges. Our creative solutions have ranged from building and distributing our own lab kits so a season-sensitive deadline would be met, to hosting IT experts from Japan and Singapore to resolve iPad connectivity issues. 

Every clinical trial is unique 

We implement our proven flexible framework to create a full-service clinical trial project management solution that delivers your specific trial requirements, and quality results on time and on budget.

We use our experience and global networks to make sure that your trial has the best solution possible. 

Advantage of scale and scalability

Small and medium-sized biotechs are often built on a strong foundation of research and struggle with the first steps of commercialisation. A CRO provides breadth to global biotechs as an extension of their own team, working with them hand in hand to deliver a clinical trial and expedite commercialisation.

After understanding your specific research requirements, and drawing on our experience and professional networks, we will design a bespoke solution that suits you. We can be as large or as small as your project requires immediately responding to your trial needs, without compromising quality or experience.

Cost-effective depth of experience, the resourcing you need, when you need it.


PharmaSols is uniquely positioned in Australia and New Zealand, one of the world’s most trusted and rapidly growing clinical trial regions. With over 20 years of experience in this region, PharmaSols provides sponsors with rapid, cost-effective and high-quality clinical trial solutions. 

In addition to this, PharmaSols takes a creative problem-solving approach, has a trusted network of experts, and maintains a people-driven attitude, so you can be confident that your trial will remain on track and meet its targets. 

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