03 Apr

Save R&D Time and Cost - Webinars

Watch the sessions from the recent Harvest Integrated Research Organisation (HiRO) event in Taipei.

Hear what our partners said about how the Australian region can be leveraged to deliver rapid, cost-effective, quality clinical trial solutions.

Specialists from our partners speak: 360biolabs, a BioAgilytix company, Nucleus Network and Acclime Australia.



Seminar 1 - HIRO ANZ – Leveraging the ANZ region to deliver rapid, cost-effective, quality clinical trial solutions

- Dr Sam Adamson, PhD, Pharmasols




Seminar 2 - Nucleus Network - Fast-Tracking Phase 1 Clinical Trials

- Jeffery Wong, Nucleus Network

Clinical Trial Australia




Seminar 3 - 360 biolabs – Centralised Labs – HiRO integrated partners – streamlining essential services


Clinical trial Australia R&D




Seminar 4 - Acclime – Essential Advice - access R&D tax cash rebates up to 43.5%

- Stephanie McCaig, Katusha Roca, Acclime

Australia trial clinical phase 3


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