20 Oct

Our Managing Director Jacquie Palmer was recently interviewed by Outsourcing Pharma

Our Managing Director Jacquie Palmer was recently interviewed by Outsourcing Pharma on New Zealand’s growing clinical trials industry and response to Covid-19.

Pharmaceutical Solutions has worked hard, stayed agile, and has been delivering service with excellence here in NZ. We’re delighted with the opportunity to discuss NZ’s clinical landscape and our team’s efforts during this time.

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Other News

HiRO – Top CRO in APAC 2022

The world is witnessing an enormous demand for innovative medicines to manage and cure diseases. Despite the explosive record demand levels and best efforts of pharma companies during the COVID-19 pandemic, there is still uncertainty regarding the fastest approval process defined by the FDA.

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ANZ Trends Upwards in Popularity for Clinical Trials

Australia and New Zealand are considered the go-to place to conduct clinical trials for an increasing number of global sponsors. That’s not surprising as the region generates high-quality clinical data while being time- and cost-effective.

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ANZ – Destination to speed up your clinical trial

Before recruiting patients for a clinical trial, the study goes through a study start-up phase which includes processes like ethics and regulatory approval & site identification/onboarding. Ethics and regulatory processes are seen as a key limiting factor in the study start-up phase of a clinical trial.

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