2020 Finalist - Westpac Business Awards

Pharmaceutical Solutions is honoured to be selected as a finalist in the Westpac Auckland Business Awards - Excellence in International Trade category.

Congratulations to all 744 who entered - there are many amazing businesses around Auckland, so we're sure there was strong competition!

Our team is over the moon! Happy to stand with ezyVet, FileInvite, Overdose, Pushpay, and TIME Unlimited Tours in the final round. 

Other News

Misconceptions About Running Clinical Trials Outside the U.S.

Deciding where and who will manage your clinical trial will have a direct impact on its success. This is an important, complex decision, and many factors must be considered.

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The Cost of Delaying A Trial

From discovery and development through to market, the life cycle of new medicine is a profoundly complex process, frequently met with obstacles. Research produced by PhRMA found that clinical trials take on average six to seven years to assess safety and efficiency, with the overall probability of success less than 12%.

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Quality Assurance: The Key to Every Successful Clinical Trial

Quality is an essential element that underpins every aspect of a clinical trial. As an industry, we easily understand the benefits of quality monitoring to ensure quality data and clinical trial management. However, we often underestimate or do not understand the broader Quality Assurance (QA) function and how a well-trained team of QA auditors can ensure successful trial outcomes.

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